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Stepping forward in establishing “Rupataal Watershed Research Station”.
SCARE Project Intro: Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma, Kathmandu University.
SCARE Project: Sanitation and Climate: Assessing Resilience and Emissions 

Sanitation emits carbon and contributes to global warming – but this is poorly quantified. Sanitation systems are sensitive to climate change, and future access loss is a significant worry. When it comes to sanitation, the goal should be to maximize the benefits to public health, accessibility, and resilience while lowering emissions. SCARE is the first comprehensive study of both resilience and emissions in low- and middle-income countries.

Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma: Things to consider while lifting water from rivers and streams.

According to Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma, it is vital to investigate the levels of soluble elements such as silica and lead in rivers and streams flowing from the Himalayas. He stated that water should only be distributed to consumers once such elements have been neutralized.

Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma, Registrar, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma addresses on global warming and water pollution near Chitwan’s Narayani River. He urges everyone to safeguard water resources and to think of water as one of the best indications of pollution.

Introduction to SANH project by Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma
"SANH WP 1.3 Questionnaire" @Biratnagar, Morang.

A survey for a research project: South Asian Nitrogen Hub (SANH) The aim of this project is to improve Nitrogen management in agriculture and investigate how Nitrogen is impacting our environment.

How tough is WASH?

SANH Project, Lower Dolpa.

South Asian Nitrogen Hub (SANH)
Indo Gangetic Plain/ Hindu-Kush Himalaya Region now has among the highest global concentrations of atmospheric ammonia (NH3), generating concern for sustainable delivery of forest ecosystem services and goods. In this regard, we are assessing the impacts of nitrogen pollution in lichen communities in mountainous regions of Nepal as pioneer in the study of nitrogen threats.

“Speleothems in Nepal: Pioneer Study of Paleoclimate in Nepal” FOCOS Project.

FOCOS Stalagmites Sampling: The Fate of Organic Carbon in Small Mountain Rivers in Nepal: Implications for Soil Erosion and Climate Change (FOCOS).

“Presentation on climate change and its impact by Dr. Rabin Raj Niraula”

The Melamchi River flooded in June 2021, causing devastation to the Melamchi Bazar in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal, and killing a number of residents and visitors. On 03-01-2022, program organized by Melamchi Municipality “Climate change and its impact”, Dr. Rabin Raj Niraula PhD (Department of Environmental Science and Engineering) shares his thoughts on the Melamchi calamity and climate change.